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Under the terms of EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), Agriturismo La Pila, Cal della Pila, 1, 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) is the Data Controller for personal data collected on this website.

In compliance with the commitment of Agriturismo La Pila to protect personal data, we are pleased to inform you of the methods, purposes, disclosure and diffusion of your personal data and of your rights, as per art. 13 of the GDPR.


To provide the services included in its website, the Data Controller Agriturismo La Pila is required to process certain personal data.

Such data can be provided implicitly by the tools employed to access and use the services, or they can be provided explicitly by you.

Agriturismo La Pila may process the following categories of users’ personal data:

• technical navigation data relating to IP addresses, ID codes of the devices used to access the website or services, browser characteristics and times of access;

• navigation data for the purpose of profiling, provided indirectly by using the service and obtained and analysed with the data subject’s consent;

• common identity data provided by the data subject (e.g. name, surname, email, telephone number, etc.) in order to access the products and services.


The data you provide, and cookies, will be processed by Agriturismo La Pila using only the methods and procedures necessary for providing the services requested and for any further purposes to which you have given consent.

Only if you explicitly give your consent can the data be used for statistical analyses, market surveys, promotional activities through social media, and forwarding of commercial information about the products and initiatives of Agriturismo La Pila (direct marketing purposes).

With your consent, data can be used for automatic profiling by collecting information about your navigation habits during access and when availing yourself of our services, using statistical correlation algorithms to link it to the same information from other data subjects in order to find common ground and group similar data into classes of interest. By assigning your browser to a class of interest our systems will be able to offer contents that better reflect your taste and produce advertising that meets your needs and better directs the advertisers’ interests, reducing disturbance when seeking our services.

At the time of reading this privacy policy, Agriturismo La Pila uses profiling to group marketing profiles with which to manage relationships with advertising investors and improve their campaigns, to infer the patterns of use for our products and services and to assist sales targets when developing digital strategies (profiling aims).

With your explicit consent, your data may be provided to other companies operating in the fields of publishing, finance, vehicle insurance, energy, consumption, humanitarian organisations and charities, who may contact you as organisers of independent initiatives – an updated list is available from the Data Processor at the address below – for statistical analyses, market surveys and the forwarding of commercial information about products and promotional initiatives (third party marketing aims).

Communications concerning market surveys or commercial information about products and promotional initiatives may be forwarded through the post, email, telemarketing, SMS or MMS.

Please note that some initiatives could be activated through suppliers nominated as Data Processors, including outside the European Union.

The legal principle for the aims described above is the performance of your request and the consent granted by you.


Your personal data will not be disseminated, although they may be disclosed when necessary to provide services to third parties (such as suppliers of third party technical services, postal couriers, hosting providers and IT companies). If necessary, such subjects are nominated Data Processors by Agriturismo La Pila to carry out technical or organisational tasks instrumental to providing the services.

Access to data is also permitted to categories of subjects involved by Agriturismo La Pila in organising data processing (administrative, commercial and marketing staff, customer service and system administrators).

An updated list of Data Processors is available from the Data Controller.

The above is subject to the right to communicate to third parties only if you have chosen the option to give your consent explicitly.


Your personal data will be processed by Agriturismo La Pila within the territory of the European Union.

If technical and/or operational questions make it necessary to use the services of subjects outside the European Union, or if it is necessary to transfer some of the data collected to technical systems and cloud services located outside the European Union, processing shall be regulated according to Chapter V of the Regulation and authorised on the basis of specific decisions by the EU. Therefore, all necessary caution will be applied to guaranteeing total protection of personal data by linking such transfer to: a) decisions expressed by the European Commission regarding the suitability of the third countries involved; b) suitable guarantees expressed by the third countries involved, under the terms of art. 46 of the Regulation; c) adoption of corporate binding rules.


Pursuant to art. 5.1 e) of the GDPR, Agriturismo La Pila shall process the data you provide for the period needed to perform the services requested and shall store them for the next 12 months in order to complete administrative activities and for the time necessary to comply with legal obligations.

If you have authorised profiling, the anonymous data observed from time to time will be deleted 12 months after processing began.


Agriturismo La Pila guarantees that you will be able to exercise your rights under art. 12 of the GDPR at any time. In particular you have the right to:

-obtain confirmation from the controller as to whether or not personal data concerning you are being processed, and where that is the case, access to such personal data, also by obtaining a copy (Art. 15, Right of Access);

– rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal data (Art. 16, Right to Rectification);

– erasure of personal data held by the Data Controller when one of the reasons laid down by the GDPR applies (Art. 17, Right to Erasure);

– obtain from the Data Controller restriction of processing to certain data when one of the reasons laid down by the GDPR apply (Art. 18, Right to Restriction of Processing);

-to receive your personal data processed by the Data Controller, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit those data to another controller without hindrance (Art. 20, Right to Data Portability);

– to object to all or part of data processing for the purposes of sending advertising material and market surveys (Consent) (Art. 21, Right to Object);

– to object to all or part of automatic or semi-automatic data processing for profiling purposes (Consent).

 These rights may be exercised through communication to the Data Controller/Data Protection Officer whose addresses are provided in the special section of this privacy policy.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (Garante), at the following address: or on website


Pursuant to Art. 37 of the GDPR, Agriturismo La Pila has designated a Data Protection Officer, to act on behalf of the Data Controller in managing requests concerning the privacy of its users and customers.

The following are the addresses for exercising your guaranteed rights:

– Agriturismo La Pila - Località Cal della Pila, 1, 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV)

– or by email to:

 Cookies are small text files stored on your computers or mobile devices while you are browsing our website. They are stored for variable times according to needs, going from a few hours up to some years, with the exception of profiling cookies, which have a duration of no more than 365 solar days.

 Cookies are used to record information semi-permanently concerning your preferences and other technical data to improve your experience of our website and facilitate its use and effectiveness. For example, cookies can be used to establish whether your computer has already been linked to our website to point out new products or maintain login data. Your privacy is guaranteed because only the cookies stored on your computer are identified.

 We use cookies or equivalent IT codes for the purpose of making your visit to our website as convenient as possible, and to present our products. We also use analytical usability tools that trace users’ actions to help us understand how our sites are employed and improve their functionality and design.


Cookies fall into two categories:

 – Those installed by the owner of the website or person responsible for it, known as first party cookies;

 – those installed by parties extraneous to the website, known as third party cookies.

 The Data Controller is directly responsible for first party cookies and their management.

 Responsibility for managing third party cookies lies with their owner or those responsible for running them, who must provide suitable mechanisms in their privacy policies to deny access.

 The cookies on this site or product are organised into six categories:

 1. Technical, session and analytical cookies

 Cookies necessary for the operation of the website and used to manage website access operations (login), record configuration preferences where applicable, or integrate the plug-ins needed to view given contents.

 Among the technical cookies are those used for statistical and performance analyses, and they are configured to collect groups of anonymous data that provide a general picture of the website’s progress and contents.

 2. Traffic and performance analysis cookies

 Cookies used to understand how visitors use a website, which contents they access and which geographical region they come from, for the purpose of assessing and improving the website’s operation and privileging contents that meet users’ information needs more precisely. These cookies require the consent of users and denial can be transmitted directly to the managers involved.

 3. Profiling cookies for marketing and advertising purposes

 Cookies used to distribute advertising content in a website or app. They are used, for example, to trace the position of the advertising content and check whether a user has seen the message, but also to follow the user when browsing to define his or her profile and present advertising linked to personal interests and his or her socio-demographic characteristics.

 4. Widgets and other instruments for interconnecting with websites and external functions

 Cookies often associated to a graphic element on the website, such as an action button or special logo (e.g. the ‘like’ button on Facebook), used to integrate the functions of other websites in those being browsed. The relative managers are responsible for such cookies and users may object to them directly through the privacy policy pages of each manager.

 5. Tracking pixels or web beacons

 Application codes (script) and/or images that do not interfere with the website aesthetics but which let a third party trace traffic. For example, they are used by advertisers to measure independently the progress of an advertising campaign and collect directly information not otherwise available. These cookies are also subject to the user’s consent, which can be denied through each manager’s privacy policy page.

 6. Usability testing tools

 Functions written in application code that permit website managers to analyse how users interact with contents and functions so they can assess ease of use and design quality, and plan improvements. These scripts are configured not to capture elements entered by the user that would undermine his or her privacy, and are subject to explicit consent. Denial of consent provided on the pages of this website is managed directly by the Data Controller.


The Data Controller tries to limit the use of cookies to those necessary for the provision of services on this and its other websites and products. In particular, the cookies indicated in the following paragraphs may be present.


 i. Technical, session and analytical cookies

– Google Analytics for access and traffic statistics to be used internally PRIVACY POLICY


 The cookies described below require your consent. You may express your consent by simply following the instructions on the banner appearing on your first access to this website, or by making the selections indicated in the following paragraphs.

 With regard to these cookies, we indicate the link to the privacy policies of the respective managers with whom you may exercise your right to deny consent.

 Third party cookies for other purposes (including widgets and tracking pixels)

 – Facebook, restricted to login, ‘likes’ and sharing the contents of Agriturismo La Pila in the Facebook social network COOKIE POLICY

 – Twitter, restricted to login and sharing the contents of Agriturismo La Pila in the Twitter social network COOKIE POLICY

 Third party cookies extraneous to Agriturismo La Pila

 All cookies installed by third parties unknown to the Data Controller who could process personal data with your consent, also through this website. You may exercise your right to deny consent through the website

 If you have any further doubts or worries regarding the use of cookies, you have the right to repress them, for example by modifying the privacy settings in your browser.

 As each browser – and often different versions of the same browser – can differ considerably from each other, if you prefer to act independently through your browser favourites, you will find detailed information about the procedure in your browser guide. An overview of the methods for the most common browsers can be found on


Cookies managed by the Data Controller last no longer than 365 days, unless voluntarily renewed by reiterating your consent.

 Profiling cookies managed by the Data Controller are anonymous and once they expire remain in the statistics systems and profiling platforms as a group that does not lead to your browser. They are used exclusively for general statistics.

 The duration of third party cookies is given in the relevant Cookie Policies.


Any enquiry or clarification regarding the exercise of your rights can be forwarded to the Data Processer at the following address:

 – Agriturismo La Pila - Località Cal della Pila, 1, 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV)

 – or by email to:

 You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (Garante) at the email address or through the website


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